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Workplace Investigations

Employee grievances and alleged breaches of discipline often require the skills of an independent, objective and trained investigator to determine fact from fiction. CJ Consulting – HR Solutions employs only qualified investigators and ensures natural justice and due process is afforded to parties involved so that an investigation  will stand the scrutiny of an external party if ever required.

CJ Consulting – HR Solutions uses an investigation strategy that involves the collection of information from a number of sources and interviews relevant to the investigation process ensuring that the following common law requirements are met in any investigation:

  • The Hearing Rule:

    That the person who has allegedly breached a Code or Act has the right to be heard or present their case. This means that the respondent is advised of the allegations and provided opportunity to respond.
  • The Bias Rule:

    That no one ought to judge their own case i.e. there is a requirement that the decision maker is unbiased. This means that investigators and decision makers must:
    • Act without bias in relation to all procedures;
    • Be impartial;
    • Be careful to avoid the appearance of bias; and
    • Ensure there is no conflict of interest.
  • The Evidence Rule:

    That an administrative decision must be based on logical proof or evidence material. This means that investigators and decision makers:
    • Should not base decisions on mere speculation or suspicion; and
    • Should be able to clearly point to the evidence on which the inference or determination is based.