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Herrman Certified Logo - LargeWhole Brain Thinking

We all absorb and process information in a way that is unique to us. Understanding and appreciating different thinking styles can change the way we interact with co-workers and clients. Whole Brain Thinking is an awareness of our thinking style and the thinking styles of others, as well as the ability to think outside your preferred style

Whole Brain Thinking enhances collaboration, productivity and performance of individuals and teams; Incredible results can be achieved by applying it to strategic thinking, creative problem solving, decision making, communication and other organisational challenges.

CJ Consulting – HR Solutions is accredited in the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) which allows you to understand your thinking preferences and how you can approach situations from a Whole Brain Thinking approach.

A range of options are available for you or your team in accessing the HBDI and Whole Brain thinking:

  • Individual debriefing and coaching
  • A range of workshops

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