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Team Building

Achieving workplace and business outcomes requires effective team work relying on an understanding and appreciation of the different ways each person works and behaves and genuine collaboration and communication between team members.

Is your team made up of a range of individuals some who might be specialists in their field or jack-of –all trades? Hard-working and dedicated yet not quite hitting the mark? Or perhaps working well together in achieving goals with a desire to be even more effective?

Using various tools and methods (e.g. team and individual coaching; accredited individual profiling such as Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument, Myers-Briggs Type Index; Team Management Systems and Strategic Team Development; facilitated workshops) a structured process can be developed to suit your environment and needs to assist your team to:

  • Understand, value and respect individuals preferred ways of working and thinking
  • Develop a common language to use in describing team functioning
  • Identify the strengths that each individual brings and how these can be best harnessed to achieve team outcomes
  • Develop a constructive workplace culture and improved communication